The Shadow in the North

The Shadow in the North


Billie Piper is terrific as financial expert-cum-feisty-Victorian-sleuth Sally Lockhart in this old-fashioned, blood-and-thunder thriller based on a Philip Pullman novel and first shown in 2007.

A disappearing magician, a clairvoyant who sees a corpse in a glass coffin, missing pages from a Patent Office ledger and the evil Swedish industrialist Axel Bellman: these seemingly unconnected events are woven into an intricate and sinister yarn that adults and older children will love, even if the twists and turns of the story are sometimes a little confusing to follow. There’s more menace than out-and-out violence but steel yourself for a weepy bit, too.


Billie Piper stars in this dramatisation of Philip Pullman's novel - the second in his quartet of books about Victorian heroine Sally Lockhart. It's six years since the events of The Ruby in the Smoke, and Sally has her own financial consulting business. When a client loses a fortune following the unexpected collapse of a shipping firm, the young businesswoman grows suspicious and sets out to investigate - and a clairvoyant soon puts her on the trail of the richest man in Europe and a terrifying new weapon, the Hopkinson Self-Regulator. Period thriller, co-starring Jared Harris, JJ Feild, David Harewood and Lyndsey Marshal.

Cast & Crew

Sally Lockhart Billie Piper
Axel Bellmann Jared Harris
Frederick Garland JJ Feild
Alistair Mackinnon Julian Rhind-Tutt
Webster Garland John Standing
Isabel Meredith Lyndsey Marshal
Nellie Budd Dona Croll
Jim Taylor Matt Smith
Nicholas Bedwell David Harewood
Rosa Garland Hayley Atwell
Miss Walsh Antonia Pemberton
Bram Stoker Owen Roe
Mr Windlesham Richard Clews
Harris Phil Cornwell
Society gentleman Peter Whittington
Sackville Jack Brady
Mr Harkness Nicholas Blane
Mrs Jamieson Wilcox Jennifer Armitage
Lady Mary Georgia King
Butler Roger Braban
Lord Wytham Crispin Redman
Mrs Mooney Leelo Ross
Painter Lorenzo Camporese
Worker Nick Mason
Paton Paul Copley
Patents clerk Nitin Ganatra
Mr Brown Vyelle Croom
Jessie Saxon Adjoa Andoh
Porter Nicholas Gasson
Bellmann's secretary Alan Barnes
Director John Alexander
Editor Roy Sharman
Producer Kate Bartlett
Writer Philip Pullman
Writer Adrian Hodges
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