Series 2 - Episode 3



The team's new anomaly detector fails on its first outing when a paintballer is attacked at an adventure park. Refusing to accept the machine does not work, Cutter starts to think of a conventional explanation, while Connor disgraces himself by accidentally shooting the park's mascot. When the real culprit is revealed, the professor is forced to consider the possibility of human involvement as well as an anomaly. Guest starring Casualty's Gillian Kearney.

Cast & Crew

Prof Nick Cutter Douglas Henshall
Stephen Hart James Murray
Connor Temple Andrew-Lee Potts
Abby Maitland Hannah Spearritt
James Lester Ben Miller
Jenny Lewis Lucy Brown
Oliver Leek Karl Theobald
Caroline Naomi Bentley
Warren Thomas Aldridge
Valerie Irwin Gillian Kearney
Pete Campbell Rick Warden
Mother Heather McHale
Mr West Ian Ralph
Kenny Johnson Rory MacGregor
Mechanic John Henry Keating
Young Woman 1 Eloise Joseph
Young Woman 2 Ashley Mulheron
Director Jamie Payne
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Executive Producer Adrian Hodges
Executive Producer Cameron McAllister
Producer Paul Frift
Writer Richard Kurti
Writer Bev Doyle
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