Series 2 - Episode 7



With most of the team trapped in the bunker with the menagerie of future predators, Leek releases a Silurian sand scorpion at a busy beach and threatens to let loose more horrors. Stephen is the only one who can battle the scorpion, and as he does so Cutter and the others plot their escape - only to realise that if they do, they will unleash the creatures around them.

Cast & Crew

Prof Nick Cutter Douglas Henshall
Stephen Hart James Murray
Connor Temple Andrew-Lee Potts
Abby Maitland Hannah Spearritt
James Lester Ben Miller
Helen Cutter Juliet Aubrey
Jenny Lewis Lucy Brown
Oliver Leek Karl Theobald
Caroline Naomi Bentley
Lorraine Wickes Claire Spence
Father on beach Robin Pirongs
Youth on beach Elliot James Langridge
`The Cleaner' Tim Faraday
Director Nick Murphy
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Executive Producer Adrian Hodges
Executive Producer Cameron McAllister
Producer Paul Frift
Writer Adrian Hodges
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