Paying the Price

Series 26 - Episode 16 Paying the Price



A woman disappears after the man she claims to be her lover is found badly beaten in a hotel room but, even when the assailant is found, nobody's story sounds convincing. The aggrieved husband refuses to believe his wife could be having an affair, and the case takes a further twist when he identifies the attacker as his wife's brother - who died in a traffic accident 15 years ago. Emily Bruni (Personal Affairs) guest stars.

Cast & Crew

DC Jacob Banks Patrick Robinson
DS Stevie Moss Lucy Speed
Julia Pierce Emily Bruni
Craig Chapman Ryan Pope
Sgt Jo Masters Sally Rogers
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
Mark Pierce Alec Newman
Michael Anderson Andy Clarkson
Alan Marsh Charlie De'Ath
Yin Chan Vee Vimolmal
Sandra Marsh Victoria Pritchard
Supt Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
CSE Eddie Olosunje Jason Barnett
PC Benjamin Gayle Micah Balfour
PC Mel Ryder Rhea Bailey
PC Leon Taylor Dominic Power
Hotel receptionist Margarita Nazarenko
Director Richard Signy
Producer James Hall
Writer Michael Crompton
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