Two-Time Loser

Series 23 - Episode 4 Two-Time Loser



Roger rescues probation officer Paul Brookes, who has been beaten and locked in the boot of his own car. Further investigations reveal the assailant's wife is a prisoner at Burnwood who claims she has been raped by Brookes. Gina turns up at court to give evidence, only to find the magistrate is an old flame, who promptly wipes the floor with her - before asking her out to dinner. Lewis finds a new home via the nurses' noticeboard at St Hugh's Hospital.

Cast & Crew

PC Lewis Hardy Aml Ameen
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
Adem Yusuf Abdi Bahdon
Sgt Nikki Wright Gillian Taylforth
PC Honey Harman Kim Tiddy
Paul Brookes Daniel Casey
Tash Niles Cascade Brown
Evie Barnes Jessica Harris
Pawel Boniek Rad Kaim
Peter Harris Peter Guinness
Sally Harper Emma Stansfield
Owen Harper Christopher Llewellyn
Director Richard Signy
Producer Andrea Sapsford
Writer Malcolm Campbell
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