A Model Murder - Part One

Series 23 - Episode 44 A Model Murder - Part One



Part one of two. Leela and Tony discover the body of a supermodel who had recently fronted an anti-fur campaign despite her lack of real conviction. Lorna notes that the crime scene has been arranged to resemble a shot from the film, suggesting animal rights activists may have resented her hypocrisy. Subsequent investigations reveal a host of rival male admirers with reason to kill her and Terry digs up evidence of a more sinister side to the woman's life.

Cast & Crew

DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
Steve Bryce Simon Chandler
Serena Black Ophelia Lovibond
Andy Sharps Robert Cameron
Robert Harvey Edward McLiam
Ben Henley Tom Fisher
CSE Lorna Hart Siobhan Redmond
Rachel Inns Amanda Abbington
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Leela Kapoor Seema Bowri
Sgt Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
PC Diane Noble Kaye Wragg
DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
Elena Martinez Montserrat Roig de Puig
Cindy Statham Nathalie Cox
Larry Franks Rupert Holliday-Evans
Director AJ Quinn
Producer Andrea Sapsford
Writer Clive Dawson
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