Every Jack Has His Jill

Series 22 - Episode 81 Every Jack Has His Jill



Mickey investigates an assault on a prostitute and ends up offering her a room for the night, ignoring Jack's advice to avoid emotional involvement. Later in the day, he bumps into ex-girlfriend Mia and finally manages to talk to her about his rape, which has left him unable to form close bonds with people. Yvonne makes progress in the case against GP Andrew Wilder and Dan's girlfriend dumps him in humiliating circumstances.

Cast & Crew

PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
PC Lewis Hardy Aml Ameen
Carrie Morgan Laura Dos Santos
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
Toby MacGuire Brett Allen
Gavin Josef Dean Gaffney
DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
PC Diane Noble Kaye Wragg
Billy Aldridge Adam Deacon
Roz Aldridge Zoe Henry
Dr Andrew Wilder Grant Masters
Tina Powell Sarah Beck Mather
Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn
Sgt June Ackland Trudie Goodwin
Tammy Clarkson Sally Leonard
Mia Perry Jo-Anne Knowles
Sgt Nikki Wright Gillian Taylforth
DAC Georgia Hobbs Kazia Pelka
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
Director Karl Neilson
Producer Andrea Sapsford
Writer Carolyn Sally Jones
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