Star Trek: Enterprise


Series 4 - Episode 15 Affliction



Part one of two. Archer sets to rescue Dr Phlox, who has been kidnapped by Klingons desperate for his help to combat a deadly disease threatening their species. James Avery guest stars, with Scott Bakula and John Billingsley.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jonathan Archer Scott Bakula
Dr Phlox John Billingsley
Cdr T'Pol Jolene Blalock
Lt Malcolm Reed Dominic Keating
Ensign Travis Mayweather Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Hoshi Sato Linda Park
Cdr Charles `Trip' Tucker III Connor Trinneer
Gen K'Vagh James Avery
Antaak John Schuck
Capt Erika Hernandez Ada Maris
Harris Eric Pierpoint
Marab Terrell Tilford
Cdr Collins Kate McNeil
Cdr Kelby Derek Magyar
Ensign Rivers Seth MacFarlane
Director Michael Grossman
Writer Mike Sussman
Writer Manny Coto
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