Star Trek: Enterprise

Babel One

Series 4 - Episode 12 Babel One



In the first of a three-part story, the crew members are assigned to escort an ambassador to the planet of Babel for peace talks. They are taken off course, however, when they intercept a distress call from Shran, who claims his ship was attacked by the Tellarites. Jeffrey Combs guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jonathan Archer Scott Bakula
Dr Phlox John Billingsley
Cdr T'Pol Jolene Blalock
Lt Malcolm Reed Dominic Keating
Ensign Travis Mayweather Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Hoshi Sato Linda Park
Cdr Charles `Trip' Tucker III Connor Trinneer
Cdr Shran Jeffrey Combs
Tellarite Ambassador Gral Lee Arenberg
Lt Talas Molly Brink
Nijil J Michael Flynn
Admiral Valdore Brian Thompson
Naarg Kevin Brief
Director David Straiton
Writer Mike Sussman
Writer Andre Bormanis
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