Star Trek: Enterprise


Series 3 - Episode 23 Countdown



Part one of two. Archer finds himself in a race against time when he has to make a pact with several Xindi factions to stop their superweapon being launched. Sci-fi drama, guest starring Josette DiCarlo, Mary Mara and Ruth Williamson.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jonathan Archer Scott Bakula
Dr Phlox John Billingsley
Sub Cdr T'Pol Jolene Blalock
Lt Malcolm Reed Dominic Keating
Ensign Travis Mayweather Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Hoshi Sato Linda Park
Cdr Charles `Trip' Tucker III Connor Trinneer
Cdr Dolim Scott MacDonald
Jannar Rick Worthy
Major Hayes Steven Culp
Xindi primate Tucker Smallwood
Sphere-Builder Woman Josette DiCarlo
Sphere-Builder Presage Mary Mara
Sphere-Builder Primary Ruth Williamson
Director Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer Andre Bormanis
Writer Chris Black
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