Star Trek: Enterprise


Series 4 - Episode 17 Bound



Archer receives three slave girls as a gift from Orion privateer Harrad-Sar, but chaos erupts on board the Enterprise when the flirtatious trio begin to toy with the emotions of the male crew members. Meanwhile, T'Pol tells Trip that his feelings for her make him immune to the femmes fatales' charms. Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock star.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jonathan Archer Scott Bakula
Dr Phlox John Billingsley
Cdr T'Pol Jolene Blalock
Lt Malcolm Reed Dominic Keating
Ensign Travis Mayweather Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Hoshi Sato Linda Park
Cdr Charles `Trip' Tucker III Connor Trinneer
Harrad-Sar William Lucking
Navaar Cyia Batten
Cdr Kelby Derek Magyar
D'Nesh Crystal Allen
Maras Menina Fortunato
Director Allan Kroeker
Writer Manny Coto
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