Star Trek: Voyager

Unimatrix Zero - Part One

Series 6 - Episode 26 Unimatrix Zero - Part One



Part one of two. The Borg Queen discovers members of the collective have found a way of becoming more independent, leaving Seven and the Voyager crew with a race against time to protect the liberated drones. Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan star.

Cast & Crew

Capt Kathryn Janeway Kate Mulgrew
Chakotay Robert Beltran
Tom Paris Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim Garrett Wang
The Doctor Robert Picardo
Neelix Ethan Phillips
B'Elanna Torres Roxann Dawson
Tuvok Tim Russ
Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan
Borg Queen Susanna Thompson
Writer Joe Menosky
Writer Brannon Braga
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