Series 1 - Episode 21 Tooms



Murderous mutant Eugene Victor Tooms, whom Mulder and Scully prevented from completing a killing spree, is released from prison due to a lack of evidence. The agents follow his every move, knowing he must claim one more victim before going into hibernation for 30 years. An assistant director of the FBI calls Mulder and Scully's investigations into the paranormal into question.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Eugene Victor Tooms Doug Hutchison
Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis
Dr Aaron Monte Paul Ben-Victor
Det Frank Briggs Henry Beckman
Det Talbot Timothy Webber
Judge Kann Jan D'Arcy
Dr Plith Jerry Wasserman
Dr Collins Frank C Turner
Christine Ranford Gillian Carfra
Frank Ranford Pat Bermel
Dr Pamela Karetzky Mikal Dughi
Defense Counsel Nelson Glynis Davies
Prosecution Counsel Myers Steve Adams
Dr Richmond Catherine Lough Haggquist
Arlen Green Andre Daniels
Director David Nutter
Writer Glen Morgan
Writer James Wong
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