Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Series 3 - Episode 1 Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Tue 23 Jan 2:50pm - 3:55pm ITV4
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Wed 24 Jan, 9:30am - 10:35am ITV4
Mon 29 Jan, 1:40am - 2:40am ITV4


Crooked travel agent Monty Wiseman persuades Arthur to agree to pick up a coffin at Heathrow airport and store it in the lock-up. However when a coroner's autopsy is ordered, Monty stashes it in a disgruntled Terry's bedroom for safekeeping leading to suspicions that there is more to the corpse than meets the eye. Suzi Quatro and Derek Fowlds guest star, with George Cole and Dennis Waterman.

Cast & Crew

Arthur Daley George Cole
Terry McCann Dennis Waterman
Dave Glynn Edwards
Monty Wiseman Harry Fowler
Mrs Chambers Patricia Maynard
Meadhurst Derek Fowlds
Incapable Harold Innocent
Nancy Suzi Quatro
Chisholm Patrick Malahide
DC Jones Michael Povey
Director Robert Young
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