Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



Pilot episode of the comedy, starring Jason Lee as Earl Hickey, a man struggling to atone for the many sins he has committed throughout his life. Earl wins $100,000 on a scratchcard, but loses the ticket after being knocked down by a car. In hospital, he decides to make amends for past mistakes - beginning with finding the boy he used to bully in school.

Cast & Crew

Earl Hickey Jason Lee
Randy Hickey Ethan Suplee
Joy Turner Jaime Pressly
Catalina Nadine Velazquez
Darnell Turner Eddie Steeples
Sonny Leo Fitzpatrick
Kenny James Gregg Binkley
Patty Dale Dickey
Himself Carson Daly
Himself Trace Adkins
Mrs James Laura Gardner
Mr James Frank Collison
Young Earl Noah Crawford
Young Kenny Andy Pessoa
Teacher Patrick McCarthy
DJ Willam Belli
Wanda Deborah Cresswell
Dodge Louis T Moyle
Earl Jr Trey Carlisle
Director Marc Buckland
Writer Greg Garcia
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