The Changing of the Guard - Part One

Series 4 - Episode 1 The Changing of the Guard - Part One



Red Troop is sent to a former Soviet state, where operatives are told to work with local forces to rescue an embassy worker's kidnapped daughters. Henno is forced to swallow his pride and submit to the orders of new captain Patrick Fleming - but starts to suspect some of the soldiers helping them in the mission are actually trying to sabotage the rescue attempt. Drama about an elite SAS unit, starring Ross Kemp.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Henry `Henno' Garvie Ross Kemp
Col Aidan Dempsey Miles Anderson
Capt Patrick Fleming Sam Callis
Cpl Louis Hoffman Christopher Fox
Becca Gallagher Heather Peace
Dave Woolston Louis Decosta Johnson
Finn Younger Jamie Michie
Aisha Malek Seema Imantabari
Farah Malek Neena Hougham
Bundarczuk Valentine Pelka
Samir Christopher Simon
Slava Daniel Betts
Fiona Malek Julia Marsen
Jenks Rob Hunt
Klimov Julian Rivett
Konchalovsky Paul Brightwell
William Medford Crispin Redman
Mikhailov Igor Urdenko
Mrs Dwyer Jane Wood
Parnell Adam Kirley
Pudovkin Goran Kostic
Taras Rustum Adam Fogerty
Tarkovsky Richard Klvac
Technician Lucas Hare
Director Mark Roper
Writer Charlie Fletcher
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