Rosemary & Thyme

Three Legs Good

Series 3 - Episode 5 Three Legs Good



Laura and Rosemary are hired to re-create a Victorian garden in Regent's Park, where they meet all manner of intriguing characters - but the oasis of calm in central London is shattered by the discovery of a body. The victim is a respected Harley Street psychiatrist - whose three-legged dog appears to hold the key to solving the case. Mystery drama, starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris.

Cast & Crew

Rosemary Boxer Felicity Kendal
Laura Thyme Pam Ferris
Helena Daisy Dunlop
Ollie Tim Woodward
Hibby Gil Brailey
Sherry Sally Leonard
Jarvis Edwards David Bark-Jones
Becker Shaun Dooley
Clement Allbright Brian Hickey
Volkar Robert Jezek
Grace Oluwu Ony Uhiara
DS Daniels Kemal Sylvester
Receptionist Matilda Thorpe
Nurse Emily Norman
Director Simon Langton
Producer Brian Eastman
Writer Clive Exton
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