Julia Bradbury's Iceland Walk

Julia Bradbury's Iceland Walk


Forget the verdant peaks of New Zealand. When JRR Tolkien was writing The Lord of the Rings, it was apparently Iceland he visualised. It’s easy to see why: immense glaciers, boiling springs, giant clouds of steam and sulphuric gas, saw-toothed crevasses in which lava bubbles far, far below.
Technically speaking, much of this didn’t exist in Tolkien’s day, for Julia Bradbury has chosen to climb the newest landscape on earth: the volcano that grounded airlines in Europe last year after it spewed ash into the atmosphere. “It makes you want to cry,” sighs Bradbury at one point, clearly overcome.


The presenter embarks on a 38-mile journey along Iceland's most famous hiking route. She navigates daunting mountain climbs, red-hot lava fields, freezing river crossings and deadly clouds of sulphuric gas to reach the volcanic crater at the centre of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Julia Bradbury
Director Nick Watts
Executive Producer Eric Harwood
Producer Nick Watts