Midsomer Murders: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Midsomer Murders: Ghosts of Christmas Past



At a Christmas family get-together, a cracker riddle states two people will die before midnight on Boxing Day, and just a few hours later family matriarch Lydia meets an untimely end - giving Barnaby the perfect reason to escape a boring Christmas with his in-laws. John Nettles and John Hopkins star, with guest appearances by Haydn Gwynne and Margery Mason.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
DS Daniel Scott John Hopkins
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard
Dr Bullard Barry Jackson
Douglas John Burgess
Muriel Daphne Oxenford
Ferdy Villiers Kevin Doyle
Lydia Villiers Margery Mason
Jennifer Carter Haydn Gwynne
Emily Hide Alice Patten
Aidan Carter Dominic Colenso
Digby Frears William Chubb
Kate Frears Mel Martin
Phoebe Frears Lydia Leonard
Howard Frears Rory Copus
Ross Villiers Philip Quast
Dominic Jones Bruce Alexander
Drinker in Pub/Colleague Tim Treloar
Claire English Claire Carrie
Vicar Bryan Matheson
Aidan (Aged 11) Christopher Sutton
Phoebe (Aged 12) Gemma Martin
Howard (Aged four) Luke Foster
Girl Laura Jeffree
Doctor Harry Gostelow
Director Renny Rye
Executive Producer Brian True-May
Producer Brian True-May
Writer David Hoskins
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