Seven Twenty-Three

Series 3 - Episode 7 Seven Twenty-Three



Don secures the Hilton deal, but is unsettled when Connie insists he sign a contract binding him to Sterling Cooper. His partners are equally keen to see him put pen to paper, and the pressure causes him to reassess his need for independence. Betty's neighbours coax her into meeting Henry Francis once more, and Peggy finds herself increasingly tempted by Duck's job offer. Drama, starring Jon Hamm, January Jones and Elisabeth Moss, with Chelcie Ross and Christopher Stanley.

Cast & Crew

Don Draper Jon Hamm
Betty Draper January Jones
Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss
Conrad Hilton Chelcie Ross
Bertram Cooper Robert Morse
Roger Sterling John Slattery
Francine Hanson Anne Dudek
Henry Francis Christopher Stanley
Herman `Duck' Phillips Mark Moses
Miss Farrell Abigail Spencer
Archie Whitman Joseph Culp
Sally Draper Kiernan Shipka
Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser
Salvatore Romano Bryan Batt
Paul Kinsey Michael Gladis
Harry Crane Rich Sommer
Ken Cosgrove Aaron Staton
Joan Harris Christina Hendricks
Lane Pryce Jared Harris
Carlton Hanson Kristoffer Polaha
Doug Trever O'Brien
Marilyn Farrelly Jeanne Simpson
Sandy Erin Sanders
Charlotte Stevens Jacqueline Hahn
Director Daisy von Scherler Mayer
Writer Matthew Weiner
Writer Andre Jacquemetton
Writer Maria Jacquemetton
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