The Sleeper

Series 3 - Episode 2 The Sleeper



Harry activates sleeper agent Fred Roberts, who had previously been living as a renowned chemist, and uses him to infiltrate a terrorist group. However, as Fred plays his part in the elaborate sting operation, Tom begins to question the morality of MI5's actions. Meanwhile, an encounter with photographer Will North has unexpected repercussions for Zoe. Guest starring Ian McDiarmid.

Cast & Crew

Tom Quinn Matthew Macfadyen
Zoe Reynolds Keeley Hawes
Danny Hunter David Oyelowo
Adam Carter Rupert Penry-Jones
Harry Pearce Peter Firth
Malcolm Wynn-Jones Hugh Simon
Ruth Evershed Nicola Walker
Colin Wells Rory MacGregor
Sam Buxton Shauna Macdonald
Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Will North Richard Harrington
Professor Fred Roberts Ian McDiarmid
Helen Roberts Jessica Turner
Jemma Roberts Mary Nighy
Liz Roberts Hannah Bridges
Sophie Roberts Rebecca Bridges
Lawrence Sayle Jalaal Hartley
Mrs Sayle Jenny Howe
Deputy Assistant Commissioner James Vaughan
Director Jonny Campbell
Producer Andrew Woodhead
Writer Howard Brenton
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