Dear Dad, Again

Series 1 - Episode 18 Dear Dad, Again



Hawkeye writes home to his father with nothing more exciting to report than Radar's progress in a correspondence course and a cooling of relations between Frank and Hot Lips. Korean War comedy, starring Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff and Loretta Swit.

Cast & Crew

Hawkeye Pierce Alan Alda
Maj Frank Burns Larry Linville
Radar O'Reilly Gary Burghoff
Trapper John Wayne Rogers
Henry Blake McLean Stevenson
Major Margaret Houlihan Loretta Swit
Lt Ginger Bayliss Odessa Cleveland
Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger Jamie Farr
Father Francis Mulcahy William Christopher
Captain Casey Alex Henteloff
Nurse Powell Gail Bowman
Director Jackie Cooper
Writer Sheldon Keller
Writer Larry Gelbart
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