Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?

Series 4 - Episode 10 Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?



A wounded officer arrives at the 4077th and claims he is Christ, prompting Intelligence Officer Flagg and psychiatrist Sidney Freedman to grapple over his fate. Korean War comedy, starring Alan Alda and Gary Burghoff.

Cast & Crew

Hawkeye Pierce Alan Alda
Captain BJ Hunnicutt Mike Farrell
Colonel Sherman T Potter Harry Morgan
Major Margaret Houlihan Loretta Swit
Maj Frank Burns Larry Linville
Radar O'Reilly Gary Burghoff
Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger Jamie Farr
Father Francis Mulcahy William Christopher
Col Samuel Flagg Edward Winter
Maj Sidney Freedman Allan Arbus
Captain Arnold Chandler Alan Fudge
Director Burt Prelutsky
Writer Larry Gelbart
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