The Softer Side

Series 5 - Episode 16 The Softer Side



The team treats a teenager who is unaware he has both male and female DNA, while Wilson and Cuddy become suspicious of House's friendly new behaviour and suspect his drug use has escalated. Medical drama, starring Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa Edelstein.

Cast & Crew

Dr Gregory House Hugh Laurie
Dr James Wilson Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein
Dr Eric Foreman Omar Epps
Dr Remy `Thirteen' Hadley Olivia Wilde
Dr Chris Taub Peter Jacobson
Dr Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn
Director Deran Sarafian
Executive Producer Bryan Singer
Executive Producer Paul Attansio
Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
Writer David Shore
Writer Liz Friedman
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