Stargate Universe


Series 2 - Episode 15 Seizure



Rush is found in a coma in the neural interface chair, so Amanda uses her simulation program to connect with him in the ship's matrix. Trouble arises, however, leaving Eli to make a difficult decision in a bid to return the doctor to his body. Meanwhile, Telford sends Young, Scott and Richard Woolsey on a clandestine mission after the Langarans refuse Homeworld Command's request for Dr Rodney McKay to use their planet's core as a power source.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle
Everett Young Justin Louis
Matthew Scott Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace David Blue
Tamara Johansen Alaina Huffman
Brody Peter Kelamis
Ronald Greer Jamil Walker Smith
Camile Wray Ming-Na
Col Telford Lou Diamond Phillips
Dr Dale Volker Patrick Gilmore
Ginn Julie McNiven
Amanda Perry Kathleen Munroe
Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett
Richard Woolsey Richard Picardo
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