Last of the Summer Wine

A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty

Series 24 - Episode 3 A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty



After helping Entwistle repair his truck, Truly, Clegg and Billy find their mechanical skills are put to the test once more when they help Tom and Smiler locate the source of an irritating squeak on their handcart. However, when Barry's longed-for game of golf evaporates thanks to his borrowed car breaking down, all the trio can do is help him drown his sorrows.

Cast & Crew

Clegg Peter Sallis
Truly Frank Thornton
Billy Keith Clifford
Entwistle Burt Kwouk
Barry Mike Grady
Auntie Wainwright Jean Alexander
Marina Jean Fergusson
Pearl Juliette Kaplan
Roz Dora Bryan
Tom Tom Owen
Smiler Stephen Lewis
Howard Robert Fyfe
Glenda Sarah Thomas
Repo Man Christopher Beeny
Policeman Ken Kitson
Policeman Tony Capstick
Director Alan JW Bell
Producer Alan JW Bell
Writer Roy Clarke
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