My Road to Nowhere

Series 6 - Episode 8 My Road to Nowhere



JD and the team take an impromptu road trip to Tacoma for Kim's first ultrasound scan, and the others commandeer Kelso's new RV to go along for the ride. Meanwhile, Jordan and Dr Cox are unsettled by the news that their unborn child will require surgery. Comedy, starring Zach Braff and John C McGinley.

Cast & Crew

John `JD' Dorian Zach Braff
Dr Chris Turk Donald Faison
Dr Bob Kelso Ken Jenkins
Dr Perry Cox John C McGinley
Nurse Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes
The Janitor Neil Flynn
Dr Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke
Dr Kim Briggs Elizabeth Banks
Dr Matthews Jay Kenneth Johnson
Keith Travis Schuldt
Ted Buckland Sam Lloyd
Jordan Sullivan Christa Miller Lawrence
Director Mark Stegemann
Writer Mark Stegemann
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