Charlie and Lola

You Can Be My Friend / I Wish I Could Draw Like You

Series 2 - Episode 11 You Can Be My Friend / I Wish I Could Draw Like You



'You Can Be My Friend' - Marv and Charlie are off to the insect house and Marv's little brother Morton is coming round to play with Lola. Lola is very excited and is sure that Morton will be her new friend who lives down the stairs. However, Morton is very shy indeed and Lola has to draw on all her resources to get him to play with her at all. Will Morton smile if Lola tries hard enough? Who wouldn't! 'I Wish I Could Draw Like You' - Everybody in the whole school has to make a picture of their house for open visiting school day. Charlie, Marv, Lola and Lotta all decide to make their pictures round at Charlie and Lola's. Lotta, who prides herself on being really good at drawing houses, suddenly can't draw anymore! The others all find a way of inspiring Lotta and soon there's absolutely no stopping her.