It's a Wonderful Lie

Series 4 - Episode 10 It's a Wonderful Lie



The medic and his team treat a patient with paralysis in her hands who claims never to lie, which leads him to the conclusion that she must be hiding something. As her illness progresses, the doctors suspect a psychosomatic ailment, but when her condition worsens they are forced to explore other possibilities. Guest starring Janel Moloney (The West Wing).

Cast & Crew

Dr Gregory House Hugh Laurie
Maggie Janel Moloney
Dr Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein
Dr James Wilson Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Allison Cameron Jennifer Morrison
Dr Eric Foreman Omar Epps
Dr Robert Chase Jesse Spencer
Dr Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn
Dr Chris Taub Peter Jacobson
Dr Remy `Thirteen' Hadley Olivia Wilde
Nurse Bobbin Bergstrom
Jane Liana Liberato
Minister Cheyenne Wilbur
Bystander Scott Maguire
Melanie Jennifer Hall
Roger Anthony Starke
Director Matt Shakman
Executive Producer Paul Attansio
Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
Executive Producer Bryan Singer
Executive Producer David Shore
Writer Pam Davis
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