Old Soldiers

Series 6 - Episode 10 Old Soldiers



When the team foils a robbery of an armoured car full of money, notes are recovered that can be traced back to an infamous plane hijack from 1971. Colby calls on agent Roger Bloom, who worked on the original case, for help with the investigation. Guest starring Henry Winkler (Happy Days) and Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), with David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow.

Cast & Crew

Don Eppes Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes Judd Hirsch
Dr Larry Fleinhardt Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair Alimi Ballard
Amita Ramanujan Navi Rawat
Colby Granger Dylan Bruno
Nikki Betancourt Sophina Brown
Roger Bloom Henry Winkler
Ray Till Michael Hogan
Teddy Antell Rick Ravanello
Tina Tran Nicole Bilderback
Matt Li Matthew Yang King
Fremont Judith Moreland
Clerk Alec Mapa
Director Ken Sanzel
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Alex Gansa
Executive Producer Barry Schindel
Executive Producer Brooke Kennedy
Writer Steve Cohen
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