Red Bulls

Series 2 - Episode 7 Red Bulls



Bosco and Lisbon reluctantly team up to investigate the kidnapping of a woman from a wealthy family. They suspect her abductors could have been behind a previous case in which a man was murdered, prompting Jane to take an unorthodox approach to save the victim's life before the ransom is paid. Crime drama, starring Terry Kinney, Robin Tunney and Simon Baker.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Virgil Minelli Gregory Itzin
Samuel Bosco Jr Terry Kinney
Mia Westlake Marissa Skell
Verona Westlake Meredith Monroe
Louis Earlen Art LaFleur
Raoul Reynaldo Gallegos
Mrs Kent Seana Kofoed
Duncan Weaver Vincent Ventresca
Director David Barrett
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
Writer Tom Szentgyorgyi
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