Mr Monk Gets Hypnotised

Series 7 - Episode 8 Mr Monk Gets Hypnotised



Adrian decides to try visiting a hypnotherapist, hopeful that the treatment will enable him to fit in better with those around him. However, the session leaves him regressed to a dangerously childlike state, jeopardising an investigation into the abduction of a wealthy billionaire's wife. Guest starring Richard Schiff (The West Wing), Henry Czerny (The Tudors) and Dina Meyer (Saw), with Tony Shalhoub.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Lt Randall Disher Jason Gray-Stanford
Capt Leland Stottlemeyer Ted Levine
Dr Neven Bell Hector Elizondo
Dr Lawrence Climan Richard Schiff
Aaron Larkin Henry Czerny
Sally Larkin Dina Meyer
Harold Krenshaw Tim Bagley
Emily Carter Courtney Ford
Mrs Sheckman Susan Merson
Mr Sheckman Harvey J Alperin
Doris Ruth Williamson
Director Michael W Watkins
Writer Max Pross
Writer Tom Gammill
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