Control Factor

Series 2 - Episode 3 Control Factor



Cal tries to enjoy a break in Mexico with his daughter Emily, but gets embroiled in the search for an American woman who has disappeared. Elsewhere, Foster works with Lightman's rival Jack Rader to investigate tainted blood in hospitals in Washington, DC. Guest starring Buffy actor Marc Blucas.

Cast & Crew

Dr Cal Lightman Tim Roth
Dr Gillian Foster Kelli Williams
Eli Loker Brendan Hines
Ria Torres Monica Raymund
Jack Rader Marc Blucas
Emily Lightman Hayley McFarland
Agent Ben Reynolds Mekhi Phifer
Det Molina Jose Zuniga
Jerry Conway Timothy Carhart
Krentz Mary Mara
Samuel Wynn Dale Midkiff
Miguel Maximino Arciniega
Lou Nemeroff Patrick J Adams
Jenna Bynes Rebecca Field
Dan Felder David Kaufman
Tyler Seeger Mary Matilyn Mouser
Director Jim Hayman
Writer Sharon Lee Watson
Writer TJ Brady
Writer Rasheed Newson
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