Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle


Series 2 - Episode 1 Charity



“Alternative comedian” is a misused term, but it’s one that can quite accurately be used to describe Stewart Lee. By his own admission, he doesn’t really do jokes. In the second series of his Comedy Vehicle he’s preoccupied by complaints about the absence of jokes in the first. So there’s a deconstruction of his routine to ensure we get the comedy, and playful interludes where Armando Iannucci tries to teach him how to tell a gag.
It’s artful, intelligent comedy that doesn’t rely on idle reminiscences for laughs, even though it mostly revolves around crisps. Lee toys brilliantly with the audience — both at home and at the Mildmay Club in north London — deploying awkward pauses so pregnant they should be drinking raspberry leaf tea.


Comedian Stewart Lee looks at the subject of charity, but gets sidetracked into talking about crisps, his grandfather and whether the series is going to have any actual jokes in it. Featuring a guest cameo by Armando Iannucci.

Cast & Crew

Performer Stewart Lee
Contributor Armando Iannucci
Director Tim Kirkby
Executive Producer Mark Freeland
Producer Richard Webb
Writer Stewart Lee
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