Series 1 - Episode 2 Stress

Fri 26 Jan 12am - 1am Forces TV
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Sun 28 Jan, 11pm - 12am Forces TV


While the team goes in search of a fallen Chinese satellite, Bob is questioned by the FBI about the unit's role in the rescue of a hijacked plane. Molly visits a psychiatrist, and Kim comforts the wife of a man who died in combat. Drama, starring Scott Foley.

Cast & Crew

Jonas Blane Dennis Haysbert
Molly Blane Regina Taylor
Colonel Tom Ryan Robert Patrick
Kim Brown Audrey Marie Anderson
Mack Gerhardt Max Martini
Tiffy Gerhardt Abby Brammell
Charles Grey Michael Irby
Hector Williams Demore Barnes
Bob Brown Scott Foley
Dr Jimmy Willey Bruce A Young
Special Agent Griffiths Brian Howe
Combat Leading Supervisor Lionel Mark Smith
Patrick Collins Mark Aiken
African Soldier Sean Blakemore
Keisha Holmes Kristen Ariza
Wife no 3 Lydia Blanco
Gina Ingrid Sanai Buron
Mandy Christina Gianaris
Crew member James Kiriyama-Lem
Wife Kirsten Maryott
Pamela Mandy McMillan
Deliveryman Paul Renteria
Serena Brown Alyssa Shafer
Alex Kenny Suarez
Military police officer Al Whiting
Director Guy Ferland
Writer David Mamet
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