The Mask of Dimitrios

The Origins of an Obsession

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Origins of an Obsession



Kenneth Cranham appears as Colonel Haki, the Turkish head of the secret police who should be familiar to fans of Eric Ambler’s spy novels.

This atmospheric dramatisation of Ambler’s 1939 novel also stars Jamie Glover as crime writer Charles Latimer, whose sojourn in Istanbul turns into a tour of the murky underworld of eastern Europe after he becomes intrigued by the story of criminal-turned-spy Dimitrios Makropoulos (Tim McInnerny).

You’ll need your wits about you to keep up with the labyrinthine plot, so think twice about picking up that iron while listening.


Part one of two. Crime thriller, by Eric Ambler and dramatised by Stephen Sheridan, set in 1930s Istanbul. Novelist Charles Latimer is on holiday when he becomes fascinated by the life of Dimitrios, a notorious master criminal fished out of the Bosphorus, and considers it interesting material for a new book. His growing obsession with the villain's story draws him into a shadowy underworld involving murder, prostitution, political assassination, drug dealing and espionage. Starring Jamie Glover and Tim McInnerny.

Cast & Crew

Latimer Jamie Glover
Dimitrios Tim McInnerny
Col Haki Kenneth Cranham
Mr Peters Desmond Barrit
Marukakis Richard Attlee
Madame Chavez Rachel Atkins
Siantos Andrew Branch
Sholem/Greek official John Evitts
Dhris Mohammed Gary Carr
Mortuary attendant Ilker Kaleli
Director David Blount
Dramatised By Stephen Sheridan
Writer Eric Ambler
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