The Physicists

The Physicists



Samantha Bond stars as a psychiatrist in The Physicists by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, a 1960s farce about three deluded scientists who believe they are Einstein, Newton and Möbius. They are locked in a lunatic asylum and each gets tangled in vicious murders. With Samantha Bond (Dr Von Zahnd), Geoffrey Whitehead (Inspector), John Hodgkinson (Möbius), Thom Tuck (Newton), John Bett (Einstein), Madeleine Worrall (Nurse Monika/Mrs Rose), Yonnie Fraser (Head nurse) and Andrew Watson (Mr Rose).

Cast & Crew

Dr Von Zahnd Samantha Bond
Inspector Geoffrey Whitehead
Mobius John Hodgkinson
Newton Thom Tuck
Einstein John Bett
Nurse Monika/Mrs Rose Madeleine Worrall
Head nurse Yonnie Fraser
Mr Rose Andrew Watson
Producer Matt Thompson
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