Outside In

Outside In


It’s that time of the year when we realise — and regret — just how much we’ve spent over Christmas, so on paper it should be easy to sympathise with shopaholic Nicola in Rhiannon Tise’s play.

Except that the pain and self-loathing here is a world away from a slap on the wrist and a calm resolve to tighten your belt. This young woman’s life is in meltdown, despite her claim that “shopping makes me feel wonderful”. She’s hugely in debt, desperately lonely and continually in denial. Can the nice man who lives downstairs save her from herself? Rosie Cavaliero convinces in the lead role, and her tremulous, thin-voiced narration readily depicts a person on the edge.

A subject like this could easily be written and played for laughs, but Outside In is a sobering, welcome alternative.


By Rhiannon Tise. Nicola's public image as an enthusiastic and outgoing woman hides a darker side no one - not even her closest friends and neighbour - are aware of. She is a struggling shopaholic, and locked inside her flat are box upon box of unused clothes, shoes and accessories; but her secret is safe - until the outside world finally gets in. Drama, starring Rosie Cavaliero, Stephen Critchlow and Lizzy Watts.

Cast & Crew

Nicola Rosie Cavaliero
Robin Stephen Critchlow
Oona Lizzy Watts
Mike Ben Crowe
Janine Stephanie Racine
TV presenter Will Howard
Producer Tracey Neale
Writer Rhiannon Tise
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