Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn


MR James does love a cautionary tale and this drama, written by Sheila Hodgson, places the author at a friend’s house where he can deliver one of his best. It’s a classic gothic tale-within-a-tale. James is invited to help a vicar solve a problem with his son, whom he suspects is falling into bad company at Cambridge University.

This permits James to tell them both the story of two young men who dabbled in witchcraft and paid a terrible price for their experiments. But there is something of a parable about this drama, which I will not spoil by revealing the end. It’s a good old-fashioned chiller and a joy from start to finish.


MR James's cautionary tale of witchcraft in Cambridge, concerning a rift between a vicar and his son. David March stars. Originally broadcast in 1977.

Cast & Crew

Actor David March
Writer MR James