The Other Simenon

Teddy Bear

Series 2 - Episode 1 Teddy Bear



Radio 4 continues to probe the works of the Belgian author George Simenon in this tough and unsettling series. Jean Chabot (David Holt) is trapped in a loveless marriage, a highly-strung doctor whose seemingly enviable life is marred by his complicated relationships with spurned secretary Vivian and beautiful young intern Emma, his naive “Teddy Bear”.

To the trained and untrained mind alike, Jean is suffering a mid-life crisis.
At first, his infatuation for Emma is fresh and exciting, but as the threads begin to unravel, it soon becomes clear that a darker psychosis is at work that threatens to destroy everything and everyone Jean holds dear.

Adapted for radio by Robert Frame, this grim and often twisted tale from one of the 20th century’s most prolific writers is a difficult but rewarding listen.


Teddy Bear, by Georges Simenon, dramatised by Ronald Frame. Successful society gynaecologist Chabot tries to escape the boredom of his life by starting a second affair, but he gets more than he bargained for. Crime drama, starring David Holt and Robert Blythe.

Cast & Crew

Chabot David Holt
Barnacle/Lambert Robert Blythe
David/Milkulski Joe Sims
Viviane Liza Sadovy
Christine Christine Absalom
Emma Amie Burns Walker
Director David Ian Neville
Dramatised By Ronald Frame
Producer David Ian Neville
Writer Georges Simenon
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