The Dreamer

The Dreamer


Howard Levin is searching for something. The son of a renowned Nazi hunter, he’s determined to track down a Matisse painting looted from a Jewish family during the war. But Paulette, the daughter of the SS officer who stole it, is perceptive enough to realise the real object of Howard’s quest...

From the moment we meet these two people, their words are alive with subtle shades of meaning. So it’s all the more shocking as their delicate dance of deception gives way to a blazing row when Howard discovers the Matisse hanging in Paulette’s bedroom. Elegantly acted by Jane Asher and William Gaminara (who’d give Anton Lesser a run for his money in a Most Beautiful Speaking Voice competition), Ronald Frame’s atmospheric drama demands a second listen.


By Ronald Frame. Howard Levin, the son of a recently deceased Nazi-hunter, tries to track down a missing Matisse painting thought to have been stolen by an SS officer who escaped to Buenos Aires at the end of the Second World War. His search takes him to Nice, where he catches up with the fugitive's daughter Paulette Dubois, who has carved a career as a music teacher. Drama, starring William Gaminara and Jane Asher.

Cast & Crew

Paulette Jane Asher
Howard William Gaminara
Director David Ian Neville
Producer David Ian Neville
Writer Ronald Frame