A Kiss Is - Never Just a Kiss

A Kiss Is - Never Just a Kiss


Pucker up readers and ensure your lips are smooth, crack-free and pouting, for it is impossible to listen to this rapturous celebration of the kiss without wanting to plant your mouth upon someone. And, as former editor of Erotic Review Rowan Pelling makes clear, the pleasure of a mother kissing her baby is as powerful as that of two lovers sucking one another’s faces off - it’s just different.

She is joined in her mouth-to-mouth analysis by anthropologists, historians and a man called William Cane who “teaches kissing all over America”. We hear of the chimp who tongue-snogged her surprised keeper, of the musk glands under our eyes that first encouraged the sniffing out of a potential mate and, best of all, that when long-term lovers kiss they stimulate oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates feelings of deep attachment.


Former editor of the Erotic Review Rowan Pelling investigates why views on kissing have changed and whether it has lost some of its magic with overuse. She also takes a lesson in how kissing is done on stage and screen, particularly when the actors have never met before. From 2012.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rowan Pelling
Producer Angela Hind