Entente Cordiale

Series 3 - Episode 6 Entente Cordiale



A French resistance member looks for volunteers to help her on a daring intelligence mission over France, and the Hut 33 members are keen to impress. However, Minka takes an irrational dislike to the fellow resistance fighter, and things do not improve when Joshua takes charge of the supplies and his brother decides to fly the plane. Comedy, with Robert Bathurst, Tom Goodman-Hill, Fergus Craig, Olivia Colman and Alex MacQueen. First aired in 2009.

Cast & Crew

Charles Robert Bathurst
Archie Tom Goodman-Hill
Minka Olivia Colman
Joshua Alex MacQueen
Mrs Best Lill Roughley
Gordon Fergus Craig
Marie-Anne Tessa Nicholson
Producer Adam Bromley
Writer James Cary
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