Brian Gulliver's Travels


Series 2 - Episode 1 Chamanoa



A second series of Swiftian satire from veteran comedy producer Bill Dare. Neil Pearson is the titular travel writer who’s in a psychiatric hospital on account of his tall stories about fictional places. Here he recalls Chamanoa, a land riven by radically opposed peoples. The naturites use genetic engineering to give their children desirable qualities; the nurturites take what they’re given and then educate.

The arguments are rehearsed and dismantled in such detail that this feels more like an essay than a comedy, but the thoroughness and wit of the execution are pleasing, like a lecture from a twinkly professor, and Pearson glides right over the dramatically awkward moments.


Comedy, by Bill Dare. Seasoned travel documentary presenter Brian Gulliver, now incarcerated in a hospital secure unit, returns to recount more of his outlandish journeys. He begins by detailing his adventures in Chamanoa, a land populated by warring naturites and nurturites. Starring Neil Pearson and Mariah Gale.

Cast & Crew

Brian/Thake Neil Pearson
Rachel Mariah Gale
Kath/Hendl Lisa Dillon
Bordle Toby Longworth
Violinist Amy Butterworth
Producer Steven Canny
Writer Bill Dare
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