The Mortal Immortal

The Mortal Immortal


First heard in this form in 2005 and first published in 1833, Mary Shelley’s story concerns an alchemist’s assistant who sups a forbidden potion. He hopes to be cured of his jealous rages but is instead endowed with eternal life. This proves to be a curse.

Shaun Dooley is the reader of a gloomy tale about a trapped soul. “The more I live, the more I dread death, even while I abhor life…”


By Mary Shelley. A man's fascination with elixirs and immortality sees him blessed - or cursed - with eternal youth. Shaun Dooley reads the Frankenstein author's chilling tale. Originally broadcast in 2005.

Cast & Crew

Reader Shaun Dooley
Writer Mary Shelley