Original Features

Series 3 - Episode 1 Original Features



A welcome return for this creepiest of series, which will place an unsettling wedge into your mind just as you are getting ready for sleep. This story is about a gay couple who’ve just moved into a flat in a large Victorian house. One of them experiences such a vibe of happiness about their new home. His partner is not so sure, though, especially when a neighbour hands over some old photographs of the outside and the inside of the building…


Original Features, by Christopher William Hill. The first in a series of chilling plays for winter nights. When Carl and Rob buy a flat in a 19th-century house, it seems they have found their perfect home. With Carl away on business, Rob throws himself into restoring the flat, but he ends up with more of the original features than he had anticipated. With Martin Hutson and Carl Prekopp.

Cast & Crew

Carl Martin Hutson
Rob Carl Prekopp
Jess Adjoa Andoh
Girl Francine Chamberlain
Answerphone Tracy Wiles
Woman Alex Rivers
Man Christopher Webster
Director Mary Peate
Writer Christopher William Hill
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