Spirit of the Beehive

Spirit of the Beehive


This essay on apiculture opens up the fascinating world of bees and also asks what bees can teach us — and the answer is a lot. The Golden Company is a charitable enterprise that works with youngsters in Hackney in east London — yes, riot-torn Hackney — and it’s achieving great results through simply getting kids off the streets and getting them involved with tending bees and making honey. It works, and there’s no doubt that it’s good work. As one bee guardian says, “If I’m still alive by 2030 I want to own my own business and have 300 hives.” He’s 17.


Nina Perry explores the enduring relationship between honeybees and mankind against a backdrop of music composed by the presenter. She learns how the insects inspire human endeavours, including the work of urban beekeepers in Hackney and Parisian artist community La Ruche, and how Sussex University scientists are studying their ways of communicating. Music by Oli Langford (violin). First aired in 2011.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nina Perry
Producer Nina Perry
Writer Nina Perry