Beauty of Britain

Colour Me Wow


Beauty has a particularly difficult client, but she is distracted by her latest business venture, which Lynette assures her is not a pyramid scheme. Meanwhile, Anil shows a surprising new side to himself. Comedy, with Jocelyn Jee Esien, Doon Mackichan, Phyllida Law, Felicity Montagu, Nicola Sanderson, Indira Joshi and Paul Sharma. First aired in 2009.

Cast & Crew

Beauty Jocelyn Jee Esien
Lynette/Clare Doon Mackichan
Sandra/Karen Nicola Sanderson
Sally Felicity Montagu
Mrs Gupte Indira Joshi
Anil Paul Sharma
Dr Kavanagh Phyllida Law
Hilary Rachel Atkins
Producer Tilusha Ghelani
Writer Christopher Douglas
Writer Nicola Sanderson
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