The New Silk Road with Roger Law

The New Silk Road with Roger Law


There is a city in China called Yiwu where you can walk through halls the size of football stadia, each one home to 18,000 stalls selling 350,000 products. Satirist Roger Law has an understandable sneer in his voice at times, as he picks up key-rings that make six different fart sounds, but he is also swept up by the excitement of all the products on sale — always in bulk — at wholesale prices. And, it turns out, that if Yiwu is the start of the modern Silk Road, then the newly wealthy middle classes of Riyadh and Dubai are eagerly waiting at its end.


The presenter visits the Chinese city of Yiwu, home to a burgeoning marketplace for consumer goods that looks set to become the largest in the world. He examines how traders from the Middle East are profiting from the country's growing economy, and those of other developing nations, and tries to understand the new wave of consumerism.

Cast & Crew

Producer Mark Rickards