Episode 1



Part one of two. In 1943, a woman takes up a new teaching job in London and strikes up a friendship with the wealthy Challises - who quickly take advantage of her naivety and admiration. Lynne Truss's adaptation of Stella Gibbons' comic novel, with Rosemary Leach, Juliet Aubrey, Michael Fenton Stevens, Saffron Burrows and Caroline Harker.

Cast & Crew

Narrator/Lady Challis Rosemary Leach
Margaret Steggles Juliet Aubrey
Gerard Challis Michael Fenton Stevens
Hilda Wilson Saffron Burrows
Hebe Niland Caroline Harker
Zita Mandelbaum Mia Soteriou
Seraphina Challis Phyllida Nash
Dick Fletcher Jonathan Nibbs
Mrs Steggles Angela Barlow
Mr Hudson Chris Donnelly
Grantey Jacqueline Tong
Earl Martin T Sherman
Mrs Wilson Barbara Kellermann
Abridged By Lynne Truss
Director Kate McAll
Producer Kate McAll
Writer Stella Gibbons
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